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• Masks are optional unless Carroll County issues a mask mandate.

• Assigned seating for lunch; campers will pick their seat on Monday.

• Maintaining 3 ft distances (per CDC guidelines 3/19/21) as best we can.

• Friday showcases: 2 seats maximum per camper in the Assembly Hall and you may only attend the production that your child is participating in. Exceptions will be made for siblings that are also attending that week.

• As in past years, we will continue to encourage clean and sanitary procedures throughout the camp day. Hand sanitizer has always and will continue to be used prior to entry of classrooms, before and after lunch, etc. Bathroom monitors will ensure that campers wash thoroughly before returning to the classroom. All tables and chairs will be wiped down with disinfectant wipes prior to being stored.

• We request that campers stay home if they or immediate family members exhibit any covid-related symptoms.

• In the event that a positive Covid case is reported: that classroom will be shut down for the remainder of the week. Email notification will be sent to all campers in the building. Counselors will not be able to return to work until a negative Covid test result is provided after 5 days of exposure.

• We will be adding a Covid liability waiver to our existing consent form.

• There will be no refunds or credits issued if you chose not to attend after committing to a space or if a classroom is canceled due to an outbreak.

• This is an ever-evolving situation and constantly changing. We will continue to follow any and all guidelines that are set forth to us by the CDC, under the category of public schools K-12.

Spotlight Musical Theatre


Join us for our upcoming productions in Mt Airy where we integrate musical theatre, acting, singing, dance, sound, lights, costumes, props, stage management, and performing into a well-rounded Musical Theatre Program.

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Our Goal

Spotlight Musical Theatre was created to grow artists to their fullest potential; providing them a well-rounded musical theater education, educating them on the industry, and supplying the necessary exposure to foster their talents.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, Spotlight Musical Theatre does not offer refunds. We would be happy to give you a credit towards a future production or summer camp program if you cancel, with written notice, a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the first day of program enrollment.

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Call us at (301) 252-0112
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